year after year it still gets me.


this orphanage desperately needs your help!
check it out:


( photo courtesy of lindsey deyoung – )

just think…
a click of a mouse…
at your computer…


looking for a rockin art fair…

cross off THIS friday & saturday on your calendar and hit up:

there are 10 jam packed homes with fabulous goodies!
(i may be bias, but house # 3 has it goin on this year… hint hint)

you won’t want to miss it!
pick up a friend or two and check it out!

tickets are $5 and allow you entry in all 10 houses around GR.

Friday – November 12, 2010     [ 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.]
Saturday – November 13, 2010     [9 a.m. – 3 p.m.]

in a trailer –
at a lake –
warm gentle breeze blowing through the window  –
some david gray filling my ears –
editing this rockin senior session.

i could get use to this.
happy friday.

i love helping moms [ok – and dads] remember this season in life.
when going through old pics awhile back, i found one picture of my mom being pregnant.


shame on her!  don’t let that happen to you!

think you have nothing to wear?  check out these fun ideas:

yes… she really is that cute,
and yes… she really is pregnant.

she’s as sweet as her glasses…

happy 5th birthday!

pictures coming soon!  i promise!

i have some very delicious sessions that have been lost
to the laziness & freedom summer always brings.
it freaks me out a little to think that next week
i will be starting the date with an “8”.
actually it makes my stomach turn a little bit!

in the meantime, i have this ‘hobby’ of finding fun websites & blogs.
since everything is better when it’s shared with a friend… here ya go.
it’s a great one for you new moms with all that extra ‘free’ time on your hands 🙂
by: adele enersen

check out the link – this is just a tip of the iceberg!

who ever thought turning one could be so much fun?!